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Walking with prosthesis outside!

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I was walking outside yesterday for the first time! I even managed to walk uphill. What a feeling! I have to admit that it´s really hard though, like a training session.

My goal is to get a pair of Genium X3 by Otto Bock but that requires a sponsor or to win at the lottery. Proteser_utomhus

Saas-Fee: Photobomb

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Better late than never! With the release of my new movie yesterday I found it to be good that I actually wrote a post about my latest skiing journey to Saas-Fee in Switzerland! It has been a huge trouble finding places to ski at but my ski club and I managed to find the perfect spot. We had wonderful days with hard snow and a hard shining sun to say the least. We had three days of slalom and two days of giant slalom.

We were supposed to have three days of giant slalom as well but unfortunately it was to foggy one day and the slope chief didn’t let us set a course that day but we decided to free-ski instead and that wasn’t to bad either. I really feel that I’m evolving into a better skier ever since I had my new bucket made in the US together with Tyler. I’m really looking forward to what I can manage to do this season and this time I’m gonna do it right. Here are some pictures from the trip!





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Photobomb level: Folgefonna

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Two days ago I came home from one of the best camps I’ve been to in a long time. It’s a cooperation between the nordic countries. My family and I paid for the camp but it was well invested money. Well, the camp took place on a Norwegian glacier called Folgefonna. We had three days of giant slalom and was supposed to have 2 days of slalom. That quickly changed into 1 day of slalom because of the thunder, 80 mm rain and the thick fog. I had a really great time and I’m hoping to do this soon again! Finally I would like to say thank you to Norway and head coach Egil for making this happen and thank you Sara Sandberg for joining me there!

Me the first day! Ready to go!

The fog was very thick one day!

The course from our perspective!

A soaking wet Simon after a soaking wet giant slalom session!

Me in a pretty sweet turn in the GS course!

Some beautiful surroundings.

The slope!

Me again!

Team meeting.

Team meeting #2


Happy faces!

The team!

Sheep on the road to the slope.


Photobomb level: Snowworld

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I’ve had five wonderful days in Snowworld, Netherlands with some mates of mine. We’ve been training ALOT! First we started of slowly getting the slalom technique in with brushes to go up onto real high poles. At the last training session my chairlift mechanism on my sitski broke and I had to fix it. It went really good and I’m happy to finally be early with my season training. It feels very comforting in a way. My next goal will be Norway where I will be training slalom, giant slalom AND super-g, there is no doubt that I will have a blast there as well! GOOD TIMES! Many thanks to my family that paid for the camp and many thanks to the British coach!




EKG test!

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Today I made a EKG test at Östra Sjukhuset in Gothenburg where they measured my heart rate. It would be good if the equipment worked for once.



Back to the real world

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My graduation was this thursday and from that day there has been three amazing days full of partys with friends but now I’m back at the gym training hard! My first camp this season will be in July with the british team! Stay tuned!