Visiting the US!

Posted on: July 19th, 2014 by simon | 2 Comments

Being in the US is awesome, really awesome! I’ve been here since saturday visiting my good friend Tyler Walker and his roommate Laurie Stephens who are both professional mono skiers for the US. One of the best actually. I was supposed to be here one day earlier but my flight got cancelled and when I arrived here my bags were gone so I had to wait one day before getting my bags. The reason I came to visit was just not because I wanted to visit them but because I’ve made a new bucket for my mono ski at Aspen seating. During my stay I’ve tried on some american culture like an true american breakfast, burritos and much more.


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  1. håkan johansson says:

    Hej!kul att se ett livstecken på sidan.
    Hoppas du gjorde stolen efter den där jätteburgaren!!?
    Hälsa familjen

  2. simon says:

    Hej Håkan! Förlåt för sent svar. Kommenteringssystemet på denna sidan är helt värdelöst… Min sits funkar helt galet suveränt och jag är väldigt glad!

    Jag ska absolut hälsa familjen och framförallt köra hårt 😉

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