The Alaska experience

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So it has come to this! I’m releasing my new ski movie. It’s from when I skied an extreme downhill race called Arctic man in Alaska. During the race you ski down from one mountain to later get towed after a snowmobile up another mountain and then release yourself and ski down the mountain. During this race I reached speeds up to 135 km/h which is pretty insane. I went far beyond my comfort zone and that’s a good thing because I believe that it’s there you develop the most. We had a bib draw at the beginning of the race and of course I drew bib #1 which meant that I was the first one to start. Not even the first one at the race but even the first european monoskier to start at Arctic man. I was really nervous but overall I had a really great time.

I would like to thank the organizers Andrew Kurka, Tyler Walker and Howard Thompson for making this possible. I would also of course like to thank all the participants Ravi Drugan, Kurt Oatway, Israel Horn, Kevin Bramble & Ira Edwards who were there with me and made my time there even better. Last but not least I would like to thank my driver Brian Jurenka who made one of the fastest pulls at the second year of Arctic man. This has been one of the greatest moments in my life and I got a lot of new friends there. I hope to see you next time!

With that said let me introduce to you “The Alaska experience”


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