Funny how long its’ been

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It’s funny how long it’s been since I updated here. It’s been like a rollercoaster ever since. This summer I changed my way of living pretty drastically. I started walking with prosthetics and guess what? It helped me a lot in my skiing as well due to stronger leg strength. This season I have managed to qualify to the World cup in slalom which has made me super happy and I’m on my way to qualify in giant slalom as well. Two weeks ago I was in Spain competing in the Europa cup and I managed to clinge a 6th spot in GS and a 5th spot in slalom among some really good mono skiers. In a few weeks the plan is to travel to the Europa cup finals in Obersaxen, Austria and I’ve taken some huge measures to be able to keep being in my ski for once.

People, we are on our way! 😉

20160213178 20160213180 IMG_2945

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