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My name is Simon Risberg and I was born 18th of January 1994. I am currently studying at University of Gothenburg in Sweden. The program is named “Systemvetenskap; IT, Människa och Organisation” and is a synonym to System science. I live with my mom, stepfather and little sister (10 years old). I am born with dysmelia which means loss of bone structure. In my case I missed a lot of skeleton parts in my lower legs and I also have problems with my airpipe and heart, and the loung function in my left loung only works to 32 %. I became amputee of both of my legs above knee when I was 1 year and a month old. I use a manual wheelchair and have medicines for my airpipe (asthma medicines and many more…).

I really love sit-skiing, It’s so freaking awesome! I always ski as much as I can, both with my family on vacation and when I am on training camps or competitions. Offpist or pist, I don’t care just give it to me! I began to ski when i was 10 years old when we where in Are for a vacation week with my family. After that I was in love with… skiing. Sitski is the sport I am really good at and of course it is my favorite sport. Earlier I played both wheelchair basketball and wheelchair floorball. At age 15 I had to choose and decided to ski and give it my best shot that is what I’m doing right now!

When I’m not out there skiing, training and of course studying I like to play on my guitar and play video games. I also love to hang out with my friends when I get the chance to do it.

C ya in the slopes!


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